Agustin Villa Cordova, Grandson of Pancho Villa Speaks for the Record

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Dr. Vernon L. Williams spent the evening on Tuesday, March 10th with Agustin Villa Cordova, the grandson of Pancho Villa.  Agustin was the oldest son of Trinidad Villa, the last son born to Pancho Villa in 1921–just two years  before the revolutionary leader was assassinated in Parral.  Agustin spoke for several hours about his memories of his grandmother and the many conversations she shared about her life with Pancho up to the day when news reached the ranch that Villa had been killed.  She rushed into Parral and found Villa’s body on display.  She prepared it for the funeral the next day.  She also told stories about the fear that government troops or assassins were coming to the ranch to finish off the rest of the Villistas.  That never happened.  The interview was conducted in Spanish, and part of it will be used in the documentary using voice overs.



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