Historian Guadalupe Villa Guerrero Speaks of Pancho Villa and History


Dr. Guadalupe Villa Guerrero spoke at length on Pancho Villa, the Mexican Revolution, and his place in history. Dr. Vernon L. Williams conducted the interview with Dr. Guerrero providing the historical context for Villa over the years of the Revolution and described how he came to attack Columbus, New Mexico on March 9, 1916. Professor Guerrero provided valuable insights into the clash of culture that took place in the harsh desert country of northern Mexico as the American Army entered Mexican territory in pursuit of Villa. The interview was conducted in Spanish, and part of it will be used in the documentary using voice overs.

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  1. Raymond Blasingame

    I grew up in Deming New Mexico only 30 miles from Columbus. I am excited to see this film. I really am interested in the view from the Mexican side of the border. Thanks to Dr. Williams and crew.

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