Noted Photograph Historian Miguel Angel Berumen Looks Back at Photography and the Mexican Revolution

Museum Director Miguel Angel Berumen sat down with Dr. Vernon L. Williams in his office in the Museum of the Mexican Revolution on Thursday and shared some interesting history relating to the emerging technology of photography and the resulting changes in how war was presented to the world at large before 1920. Surrounded by photographic exhibits and displays that took the visitor back into time over one hundred years ago, Professor Berumen spoke of both American and Mexican photographers flooding into the battle zones of the Mexican Revolution to make history themselves. Armed with inexpensive new Kodak cameras and others with an array of traditional and more elaborate photographic devices, the battle line soon became front page news across the world.

The interview with Professor Berumen was an extraordinary one and will provide Williams’ documentary with important new commentary on the role of photography in preserving the history of both the American and Mexican experience in the harsh desert country of northern Mexico in 1916-1917.

Photographs–Top, Left:  Professor Miguel Angel Berumen presenting Dr. Vernon L. Williams with his latest book on photography and history; Top, Right:  Walter Wiggins setting up camera equipment in preparation for the Berumen interview in the Museum of the Mexican Revolution.  Walter also has produced graphics for the Pancho and Pancho film project and is a film crew member.  Bottom:  Dr. Vernon L. Williams handing over the audio recorder with the translator’s data from the interview.  The interview has just concluded.

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