Premiere of the Patton and Pancho Film is Set

Old Primero Historical Foundation announced today the details for the premiere of the new documentary film, Patton and Pancho, A Clash of Cultures.  In conjunction with the conference on the Mexican Revolution and the American Military Intervention in Mexico in 1916, the documentary film will kick off the conference at the Hilton Tucson East Hotel (Tucson, Arizona) on Wednesday evening, March 9th, 2016–exactly 100 years to the day after Pancho Villa’s attack on Columbus, New Mexico.  The evening will begin with the opening ceremony for a 50-panel/400-photograph exhibition on Villa and the Americans in Mexico in 1916.   Details of the conference can be found at the Old Primero Historical Foundation website at this link:

The release of Patton and Pancho, A Clash of Cultures will coincide with the premiere and DVD copies of the documentary film will be available online and at the hotel exhibition hall during the conference.  Additional details on the release will be available in February 2016.



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