The Traveling Photograph Exhibition for Patton and Pancho, A Clash of Cultures is Announced

On Wednesday evening, March 9, 2016 a traveling photograph exhibition on Pancho Villa, the Mexican Revolution, and the American Punitive Expedition will open for viewing at 7 pm in Salon C in the Hilton Tucson East Hotel in Tucson, Arizona.  The evening is sure to be a moving and memorable program and will begin with the opening ceremony to introduce the exhibition to the audience and at 7:45 pm, the documentary film Patton and Pancho, A Clash of Cultures will be presented.

The traveling photograph exhibition will be drawn from a collection of 2,500 images relating to the Punitive Expedition Historical Collection in the Old Primero Historical Foundation Archives.  The exhibition will include:

  • 50—24” x 36”panels, each with a series of themed photographs with text inlays
  • mounted on 3/16” black foam core board
  • panels displayed on easels with black draped fabric as background
  • The exhibition will include a series of 9 panel groups that cover specific historical topics revolving around the attack on Columbus, N.M., Pancho Villa’s role in the Mexican Revolution, and the subsequent American pursuit of Villa in northern Mexico. The topic list and panel groups include : Mexican Revolution patterns of leadership (5 panels); Pancho Villa’s Attack on Columbus, NM (8 panels); the Americans (5 panels); Transportation (5 panels); Aviation (5 panels); the Campaign (7 panels); Mapping the Campaign (6 panels), Mexican Life (4 panels), Reflections of the Combat Trail (5 panels).



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