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Noted Photograph Historian Miguel Angel Berumen Looks Back at Photography and the Mexican Revolution

Museum Director Miguel Angel Berumen sat down with Dr. Vernon L. Williams in his office in the Museum of the Mexican Revolution on Thursday and shared some interesting history relating to the emerging technology of photography and the resulting changes in how war was presented to the world at large before 1920. Surrounded by photographic […]

Team to Mexico City for Interviews

Dr. Vernon L. Williams and a cameraman departed for Mexico City to interview some of Pancho Villa’s family members and some academic historians based in and around Mexico City.  Williams to document the Mexican side of the story and discover the role that Pancho Villa plays in Mexican life and culture after almost one hundred […]

Production Team to Mexico City for Interviews

Vernon L. Williams and a small production crew will be traveling to Mexico City on March 10th to interview some of Pancho Villa’s family members who have agreed to participate in the project.  The family traces their link to Villa through Villa’s son, Jose Trinidad Villa who was born in 1921, just two years before […]

Exhibit Videos in Progress

Old Segundo Productions is also currently working on a related series of short exhibit video offerings for a proposed Exhibition in Tucson in observation of the one hundredth anniversary of the Punitive Expedition. Subjects include: Exhibition Opening Timeline Pancho Villa George S. Patton, Jr. John J. Pershing Villa’s Attack on Columbus, New Mexico Mormons in […]