Meet the people behind Patton and Pancho: A Clash of Cultures.

Vernon Williams

I am a documentary film producer and director, primarily on military and American history subjects. I come to film making from the academic community where I received a doctorate in American military history and have taught military history and documentary film making at the university level for over twenty-five years.

Walter Wiggins

Walter Wiggins has been producing video for 14 years.  He has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication with an emphasis in video production from Abilene Christian University.  He has completed post-graduate work in screenwriting at Regent University.  He specializes in animation and graphics for video and film.  Wiggins’ most recent contribution to film […]

David Dodge

David Dodge has been involved in video production for over twenty-five years.  Most recently he narrated the 2014 feature documentary film, From Dublin to Madison Square Garden:  Everett Colborn, Gene Autry, and the World Championship Rodeo, Inc.  Dodge is currently at work on the narration of the upcoming Patton and Pancho.  You can hear a […]